Electrical Formulas

Electrical Formulas provides you with a power equation calculator, and also kva to amps (Single and 3 phase) conversion, kw to kva conversion (single and 3 phase) and a volt drop calculator with the ability to calculate in either mm² or awg.

Quick power equations

kVA & kW calculations

Volt drop calculator

Quick calculations

Everything is right at your fingertips and is easily selected.


Select your voltage at the top of the screen and it tracks through all other calculations. - Ampage to follow suit in next update!

AWG and mm

The volt drop calculator is suitable for both AWG and mm cables so wether your in the states or in europe you’ll be covered.

Calculations a plenty

• kVA to Amps (1 & 3 phase)
• Amps to kVA (1 & 3 phase)
• kW to kVA
• kVA to kW
• kw to kVA
• Amps to Watts
• Watts to Amps