Lighting Handbook frequently asked questions.

You don’t have a fixture/Console/Dimmer in the library

Sadly as a one man operation my normal freelancing jobs take most of my time, However i do try to add items when i get chance - Usually newer products.
If theres something you feel should really be in the library please just get in touch, I’ll try and push it to the top of the list, Or if you are able to please fill in the excel file below and send that to me as that would speed up development.

I bought Lighting Handbook on iOS but i’m moving to Android or Vice versa

I’m afraid that there is very little i can do, unfortunatly due to the way the app stores are operated I cannot refund or exchange licenses to another app store, I’ve tried to price Lighting Handbook at a very reasonable price and hopefully you’ll feel it’s worth the expense again.

Are there any differences between the iOS and Android versions?

The app is fundamentally the same. However there are a couple of differences. There are no in app purchases in the Android version so no gobo calculator or electrical formulas.
The only other difference is the pdf manual viewer on Android, it"s not quite as clever, it still allows searching but no table of contents view (on applicable PDFs)

The Android app is a little behind in the design, so it may not look exactly like the iOS version but all the information it displays is the same.